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Tajikistan Emergency COVID-19 Project

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

This RFQ is for the procurement of Goods and the Related Services required in response to the COVID-19 emergency. It is subject to accelerated emergency procurement procedures.

The Republic of Tajikistanhas receivedfinancing from the World Bank (Bank) toward the cost of the Tajikistan Emergency COVID-19 Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contract for “Emergency Procurement of Reagents and Consumables for COVID-19 tests by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method”.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan now invites quotations from suppliers for the Goods and the Related Services described in Annex 1: Purchaser’s Requirements, attached to this RFQ.

Eligible Goods

All the Goods and Related Servicesto be supplied under the Contract and financed by the Bank may have their origin in any country except for the following countries: none.

Validity of offers

The offers shall be valid until April 30, 2021.

Quoted Price

Prices shall be quoted in the following manner:

For Goods to be supplied from outside the Purchaser’s Country:

    1. the price of the Goods, quoted CIP Dushanbe named place of destination in the Purchaser’s Country (Republic of Tajikistan);
    2. the price for inland transportation, insurance, and other local services required to convey the Goods from the named place of destination to their final destination Loik Sherali Street 3, Dushanbe, Tajikistan;

The contractual unit prices shall be fixed during the Supplier’s performance of the Contract and not subject to adjustment.


Any clarification request regarding this RFQ may be sent in writing to Tajikistan Emergency COVID-19 Project, Loik Sherali Street 3, Dushanbe/Tajikistan, e-mail: before March 8, 2021, 17-00. The Purchaser will forward copies of its response to all Suppliers including a description of the inquiry but without identifying its source.

Submission of Quotations

  1. Quotations are to be submitted in the form attached at Annex 2 and by email or printed. Quotations submitted as email attachments shall be in the form of scanned non-editable images. To facilitate the procurement process, the Purchaser may require copies of the same quotations in other formats (such as in Word or Excel).
  2. The deadline for submission of Quotations is March 10, 2021, 17-00 of local time.
  3. The address for submission of Quotations is:

Attention: First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan/Project Coordinator – Mukhsinzoda Gafur Mukhsin. Tajikistan Emergency COVID-19 Project, 3 Loik Sherali str, Dushanbe/Tajikistan, e-mail:

Opening of Quotations

Quotations will be opened by the Purchaser’s representatives immediately after the deadline for the submission of QuotationsLate bids will be rejected.

Evaluation of Quotations

Quotations will be evaluated to ensure compliance with the Technical Specifications, Delivery and Completion Schedules and any other requirements of the RFQ.

The comparison shall be on the basis of CIP (place of final destination) prices for Goods to be supplied from within the Purchaser’ country.

The lowest evaluated price will be determined after correcting any arithmetic errors and other specified adjustments, if any.

“Quotations will be evaluated for each item and the Contract will comprise the item(s) awarded to the successful Supplier.” Details of the evaluation criteria are indicated in the Bidding Documents.

Contract Award

The Contract will be awarded to the Supplier/s who:

  1. offers the lowest evaluated price/s,
  2. technically compliant quotation, and
  3. guarantees delivery, in accordance with the delivery period/s

 in accordance with the Evaluation of Quotations above.

The Purchaser shall invite by the quickest means (e.g. e-mail) the successful Supplier/s for any discussion/ negotiation that may be needed to conclude the contract or otherwise for contract signature.

The Purchaser shall communicate by the quickest means with the other Suppliers on its contract award decision. An unsuccessful supplier may request clarifications as to why its quotation was not determined to be successful.  The Purchaser will address this request within a reasonable time.

The Purchaser shall publish a contract award notice on its website with free access, if available, or in a newspaper of national circulation or UNDB online, within 15 days after award of contract or as soon as practicable thereafter. The information shall include the name of the successful Supplier, the Contract Price, the Contract duration, summary of its scope and the names of the Suppliers and their quoted and evaluated prices.

Fraud and Corruption

The Bank requires compliance with the Bank’s Anti-Corruption Guidelines and its prevailing sanctions policies and procedures as set forth in the WBG’s Sanctions Framework, as set forth in the attachment to the Contract Conditions (Attachment A).

In further pursuance of this policy, the supplier shall permit and shall cause their agents (where declared or not), subcontractors, subconsultants, service providers, suppliers, and personnel, to permit the Bank to inspect all accounts, records and other documents relating to the RFQ and contract performance (in the case of award), and to have them audited by auditors appointed by the Bank.

On behalf of the Purchaser:

First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan

Muhsinzoda G.M.


  • Organization/DepartmentMinistry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan
  • NameGafur Muhsin Muhsinzoda
  • Address69 Schevchenko str, Dushanbe
  • City
  • Province/StateTajikistan
  • Postal Code
  • CountryTajikistan
  • Phone2210673

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