Enhanced Integration of Afghan Refugees in Tajikistan (EIART)



Title: Rapid Labor Market Assessment

Primary Location:  Vahdat and Dushanbe of Tajikistan



The Public Organization ‘Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP)’, a project of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) in the Republic of Tajikistan. MSDSP is a leading rural development organization working in four regions of Tajikistan – GBAO, Khatlon, Districts of Republican Subordination (Rasht Valley) and Sughd, covering over 1,600 villages and reaching over 1 million people. MSDSP is supported by numerous donor organizations to undertake multi-input area development activities that contribute to improvement of quality of life in rural Tajikistan by fostering: i) effective participatory governance through civil society institutional development, ii) sustainable agricultural intensification and land management, iii) improved and expanded public services, and iv) private services for socio-economic and environmental development.


MSDSP is entering into a partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through AKF to implement the “Enhanced Integration of Afghan Refugees in Tajikistan (EIART)” project in Vahdat district. The EIART is part of Local Impact (LI) which is created as a joint initiative by AKF and USAID as an innovative framework for meaningful, sustained impact across Asia and Africa that puts local communities at the center of development. Through Local Impact, AKF and USAID will work with marginalized and vulnerable communities to: (1) catalyze inclusive economic growth and ensure basic livelihoods; (2) enhance infrastructure and access to basic services with a focus on clean energy; (3) enhance the capacity of citizens and local institutions; and (4) promote pluralism and social cohesion.


MSDSP is looking for qualified and motivated professionals’ firm or individuals to fill the Consultancy position of RLMA (Rapid Labor Market Assessment) for the EIART project.  


Overall Objective:

The overall objective of the Rapid Labor Market Assessment (RLMA) is to assess the demand and supply aspects of the labor market and to provide recommendation for increasing job opportunities for job seeker group who are Afghan refugees and local communities in the target geographies of EIART project in Vahdat. The RLMA will identify the top 10 demanded skills in the labor market of Tajikistan consider the demand and supply in the project area.








Specific Objectives:

  • To validate information of the previous LMA conducted by Government or other development agencies in term of relevancy of market-demanded skills.
  • To ascertain the market-demanded skills that are scarce or even not available among the job seeker group
  • To determine skills within the existing and emerging trades that have potentiality for growth and employment in the future of work.
  • To specify the profitable professions that are needed for men and women in the short and long term to establish their own businesses.
  • To recommend interventions, in addition to vocational trainings, to enable the job seekers to get employment or start their own businesses.
  • Add on 5 to 10 top demanded skills need to be enhanced in the labor market and consultation with Coalition of Employers on mentioned skills.


Scope of Work:

The RLMA is a qualitative assessment in nature and the required information should be collected through desk review, key informant interviews (KIIs) and in-depth interviews (IDIs). The result of the assessment should fulfill the six specific objectives while contributing to the overall objective of this assessment. The following two levels are recommended for obtaining and collecting data:

  • Review secondary information which includes but not limited to the previous LMA reports, and other relevant documents.
  • Conduct KIIs and IDIs with businesses, relevant NGO/development partners, job seekers, potential employers/customers including Afghan refugees and locals, relevant government authorities at capital and district levels in target geographies.


Key Questions and Considerations:

  1. What skills do Afghan Refugees and host communities have?
  2. What skills do businesses need, in what sectors and to what extent these skills differ from the previous LMA studies conducted by other organizations?
  • What are the barriers for job seekers (Afghan refugees and host communities) to access the job market?
  1. What are the sectors with highest potential for job creation, including new or existing sectors and to what extent these skills differ from the previous LMA studies which was conducted by others?
  2. What type of support the jobseekers (Afghan refugees and host communities) need to get employed?
  3. What other interventions, besides the vocational training, are useful to enable job seekers (Afghan refugees and host communities) get employment?

What kind of consultation can be done with Coalition of Employers on growing skills for future of work.


Deliverables and Timeline


  1. Methodology for data collection and data analysis which describes the approach to reach each interviewee, type of data collection tools to be used and number of interviews to be conducted with each category at each target areas after signing of agreement by 1st week will developed and approved by project related authorities.



  1. Detailed plan for data collection which specifies date for each interview and designation of the interviewee after signing of agreement by 1st


  1. Data collection in target geographies should be completed by the 2nd t week after signing of agreement and the initial findings (primary data and secondary data) should be presented by the 3rd week After signing of Agreement.


  1. Presentation of key findings of literature review, data collections, interview results and other related information collected from target beneficiaries by the 3rd week after signing of agreement.
  2. Receive comments and suggestion if any by stakeholders and key partners 3rd week after singing of agreement.


  1. Submission of the first draft of rapid labor market assessment (RLMA) report for review and feedback by the 3rd week after signing of agreement.


  1. Final report of rapid LMA by the 4th week after signing of agreement.


Qualifications Required:

  • The consultant (if individuals apply) or the lead researcher (if consultancy firms apply) should have practical experience in relevant field or a master’s degree with substantial experience in qualitative research
  • Proven experience in TVET (technical vocational education and trainings) and labor market assessments
  • Excellent skills in writing research report in English
  • Highly skilled in development of data collection tools, application of KII / IDIs and analysis and interpretation of qualitative data
  • Expertise in usage of qualitative data analysis software related to such research.
  • Ability to communicate with government authorities, community people, and NGOs effectively.




Interested individual consultants or consultancy firms their qualification meets the above requirement are requested to submit a cost proposal (1page), a brief methodology and work plan (2 pages) and a copy of their lead researcher’s CV/experiences, submitted with a subject line “CONSULTANT THE RAPID LABOR MARKET ASSESSMENT (CRLMA)” to:

To get additional information about the topics and conditions of the competition, you can contact the project manager Saeed Rahman, phone: +(992) 111666375; E-mail:


Each applicant can submit their commercial proposals in sealed (sealed) paper envelopes by no later than 20 January 2023 17:00 to the office of MSDSP in Dushanbe at the address of 137 Rudaki avenue, 4th floor of Tajikmatlubot building, or send your business proposal in electronic form and protected with a code to the e-mails


At 15:00 on January 23rd, 2022, the participants of the competition are invited to the offices of MSDSP at the above-mentioned addresses to participate in the process of opening the envelopes with business proposals.

MSDSP Tajikistan recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to equal opportunity, safeguarding of children from abuse and zero tolerance of sexual harassment.




By sharing their information including cover letter and resume with MSDSP in response to this job application, applicants consent for MSDSP to keep this information on file for recruitment and human resources management purposes.




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