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Winrock International

Provision of drying and dried fruits packaging equipment for the beneficiary (RFQ6862 21 013)

Winrock is inviting qualified firms to participate in competition on provision of drying and dried fruits packaging equipment for the beneficiary that will support the growth of a competitive agriculture industry in Tajikistan. Quotations will be accepted from all eligible firms. WI/ACAT Program invites interested and eligible parties to prepare and submit quotations. The supplier shall be selected in accordance with competitive bidding procedures and best overall value procurement results provided by Winrock International. Winrock reserves right to make changes or cancel this solicitation.

Interested and eligible firms wishing to participate in the bidding process should request a copy of the full bid package from ACAT.Procurement@winrock.org.

Offer Deadline:
Your quotation should be submitted in a sealed envelope to Winrock International – Dushanbe office and/or Email submissions should be sent to ACAT.Procurement@winrock.org, no later than 17:00 Dushanbe time on Monday, April 19, 2021 and should be valid for 4 months (120 days). Bid proposals are confidential and will not be transferred or disclosed to third parties.


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