Partnership and Business Development

Public organization “Equitable Development”, or “Equidev” for short, is a new International Public Organization (IPO) founded by Oxfam in Tajikistan, and officially registered in the Republic of Tajikistan, in 2021.  Headquartered in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Equidev plans to have business operations across Central Asia and Afghanistan. In the first phase, the company will focus on developing business opportunities in Tajikistan. Equidev will sell consulting and advisory services to full range of aid organizations- bi-lateral, multi-lateral and private foundations; private companies, contractors and social entrepreneurs that are engaged in inclusive development and poverty reduction in the region. We position ourselves as a passionate development support organisation, that seeks to provide quality management services to improve the effectiveness of policies, processes and outcomes. Services include assessments, planning, implementation, programme design & development, monitoring, evaluations, research, capacity building, documentation and communication, HR &OD, financial management. We offer our cutting-edge solutions and practices in sectors such as resilient agriculture, inclusive market systems development, enterprise incubation, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and gender. We work with organizations that shows expressed commitment to Oxfam values- gender leadership, poverty and challenging social injustice.

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