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Call for proposals

South-south Exchange and Cooperation on Snow Leopard Conservation Project


through GEF SGP Tajikistan

Based on the support of the UNDP/GEF SGP, the Amity Foundation from the People’s Republic of China, together with Shan Shui Conservation Center and the ” China Snow Leopard Conservation Network”, launched the “South-South Exchange and Cooperation for Snow Leopard Monitoring and Community-based Eco-tourism” project by sharing knowledge and experience with each other between China and Tajikistan (and other countries), providing technical support for snow leopard monitoring, usage, set up and maintenance of camera traps, data collection, and snow leopard individual identification to a Tajikistan’s NGO, improving its ability to conduct relevant activities of snow leopard conservation.

This ‘Call for Proposal’ is issued by the GEF SGP Tajikistan, and the country programme will promote and coordinate the cooperation and exchanges of NGOs between China and Tajikistan. The implementation and management of the project will be jointly conducted by the Tajikistan NGO and the Amity Foundation of China.

Basic requirements for applicant:

1. Non-profit organization legally registered in Republic of Tajikistan;

2. Has experience in carrying out community-based conservation of endangered species, especially snow leopard and its habitat;

3. Willing to cooperate in exploring issues of snow leopard monitoring and community eco-tourism;

4. Can independently receive project funds from China;

5. Be able to conduct the project in English.

Requirements for the project:

1. Project period: be able to complete and submit the project final report before September 2022

2. Project location: an important snow leopard habitat in Tajikistan

3. The project job shall include but is not limited to:

a)         Organize and participate in 1-2 international exchanges (including at least one China-Tajikistan or China-Tajikistan-Afghanistan) on snow leopard monitoring and community participation in eco-tourism;

b)         In the important snow leopard habitat in Tajikistan, work with local communities to carry out community monitoring and eco-tourism practice;

c)         Based on the project activities and experience, produce Tajik-English bilingual knowledge products related to community monitoring and eco-tourism, and conduct publicity and promotion.

4. The project outputs shall include but not limited to:

a) Snow leopard community monitoring plan and eco-tourism design plan;

b) Report on the process and results of community monitoring and eco-tourism;

c) Tajik-English bilingual knowledge products related to community monitoring and eco-tourism;

d) Other promotional materials related to the project.

5. Budget: no more than 40,000 US dollars

Note: The project budget has to include the travel expenses for organizing and participating in 1-2 international exchanges (including at least one China-Tajikistan or China-Tajikistan-Afghanistan) on snow leopard monitoring technology and community participation in eco-tourism.

Applicant that meets the following conditions is more likely to be supported:

1. The project focuses on relevant communities or protected areas, has a clear understanding and analysis of the problems to be addressed by the project, has data support, and can provide targeted, feasible and sustainable solutions;

2. The organization has a basis for carrying out such projects in the project target communities or protected areas;

3. The project encourages the participation of children, women and the elderly;

4. With a reasonable budget, and the administration fee does not exceed 10% of the total budget;

5. It is better if the organization has experience in cooperating with Afghan NGOs to carry out conservation projects.


1. Before March 10, 2021( extended), submit the project proposal and the qualification certificate of the organization to the designated contact’s email address (certificate of registration, annual report of the organization for the past two years);

2. From March 10 to March 31, 2021, project review, give feedback and conduct further communication for the project plan;

3. From April 1st to April 30th, 2021, the selected organization will be determined, and to sign a cooperation agreement.


1. Project proposal template

2. Detailed budget template


Mr. SHU Junsong

Project Coordinator


The Amity Foundation, People’s Republic of China

Mr. Khurshed Kholov.

National Coordinator. UNDP GEF SGP Tajikistan

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